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It provided me with the keys to achieving permanent weight loss, greater energy and enhanced health."

Effective 1-Day Weekend Weight Loss Seminars in St. Petersburg, FL

Discover how you can achieve your physical goals at one of my weight loss seminars in St. Petersburg, FL. At some time or another, everyone finds themselves going through a tiresome cycle of fad diets and trendy workout plans. These programs almost always seem promising, but in the long-term are often nonsustainable, resulting in frustration and discouragement.  

In a nutshell, I got tired of fitness and health being a full-time JOB!  This innovative weight loss seminar is focused not on unsustainable fad diets, dietary supplements, or time-consuming workout plans, but rather on taking a fresh, common sense, practical approach to maintaining a healthy weight and wellness. With the insights from my program, you can shift your perspective to gain inspiration and the power to take care of your body sustainably, no matter your body type or life constraints.

I particularly enjoy working with women who are at the interface of a major life transition and want to put their best selves forward...brides, new moms, postmenopausal women, and women with new jobs or re-entering the workplace. Whatever your situation and no matter how hard or difficult you've found weight management in the past, I assure you I can make it fun and simple.  Making major life changes are hard enough...I can help make this part so much easier!

Three Dimensional Health programs are particularly ideal for women who are undergoing significant transitions, including women who are postpartum, postmenopausal, or who are looking to make a major life change.

The Philosophy of My Program

I take pride in running an affordable weight loss program that does not rely on gimmicks like calorie-counting or complicated meal guidelines. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to weight loss, so together, we can make your healthy-living plan as unique as you are. I demand nothing more of you than your participation and a willingness to rethink the weight management paradigm.

At my weight loss seminar, I provide information and insights around a broad range of topics including how your body is designed, nature's clear direction regarding how and what to eat, how to change habits, emotional health, and more. Importantly, a build a broad tent of ideas and invite each participant to listen carefully for those particular tips and ideas that resonate personally allowing each to develop their own, customized plan. With my resources at your disposal, you can identify specific areas for improvement, allowing you to create a customized solution that fits your needs and goals.

I worked with one person who hit the pavement running, lost weight quickly, and maintained beautifully.  Another thought it sounded way too easy and that it would not work for her.  Literally a year and a half later, frustrated, she finally tried one thing I taught her and lost 15 pounds!  This program plants seeds...sooner or later it will have a positive impact on how you sustainably manage your health and wellness.  Why wait...contact me today!

How the Seminar Works

I am so happy to announce that after constant simplification and streamlining, my program is now a 1-day program. I am so excited!  This means a major price reduction for you and importantly, less of a time commitment for the class.  Just one day to transform your approach to weight management and wellness! Attending one of my seminars equips you with strategies and knowledge to commit to a healthy living plan. I’ll point out the common missteps and misunderstandings that inhibit other weight-loss approaches.

It just makes sense to sign up for one of the many sessions I conduct. My comprehensive, practical, and common-sense seminars are designed to provide you with the resources and personal power to achieve your wellness goals.

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Contact me for more information about my 1-day weight loss seminars. I proudly hold my seminars in St. Petersburg, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

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