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It enabled me to alter my own opinion and create my own plan for weight loss."

Health Management

Learn all about Three Dimensional Health and our founder, Theresa Matthews.

Health Management in St. Petersburg, FL

Theresa Matthews

I simply cannot remember a time when I wasn't endlessly fascinated with human biology and the inner workings of the human body. My entire professional career has been devoted to satisfying this deep interest and abiding curiosity. With more than 40 years of experience in the health industry, I have gained valuable knowledge and insights that I bring to bear in what is a completely unique approach to sustainable weight and health management.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in biology and microbiology from the University of Houston. I then began my career as a clinical microbiologist before first shifting to diagnostic medicine and then pharmaceutical marketing. I also earned an MBA from UC Berkeley during this time. I moved on to consulting while also co-developing and co-teaching a 400-level immunology course. Finally, I turned my attention to the study of wellness and health management. My expertise spans many medical fields, including infectious diseases, antibiotics, allergies, skin disorders, diabetes (2 grandkids are type I diabetics), pain management, and more. I have always had a knack for gathering, integrating, and transforming information from diverse fields such that the end product is novel, simplified, and enlightening. This diverse professional background and skillset uniquely informs the content of my wellness and weight loss program.

It's Not Supposed to Be Hard!

My professional and spiritual journey has led me to one surprising and important conclusion…this rather intense biology and medical background is not needed to live a vibrant and healthy life.  It’s not supposed to be hard!  One doesn’t need to suffer or turn their life upside down to get healthy.  I can and will show you why and how! 

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The Three Dimensional Health
"Ditch the Diet" program is particularly ideal for women who are undergoing significant transitions, including women who are postpartum, postmenopausal, or who are looking to make a major life change.