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At Three Dimensional Health I am committed to providing you with the right information to help you take care of your body.
Read below what people have said about my weekend weight loss program in St Petersburg, FL.

Ashley A. "Freeing People from the Tyranny of Diets is a life changing course! It provided me with the keys to achieving permanent weight loss, greater energy and enhanced health. By refreshing and expanding my knowledge of nutrition and developing a new perspective on food choices I have been able to effortlessly enjoy a wide variety of delicious, nutritious foods while maintaining my weight. I am stronger, healthier and there is a marked improvement in my skin tone. I completed the course in July 2017 and couldn’t be happier with the results." —Ashley A

"I participated for six months in Theresa Matthews’ Freeing People from the Tyranny of Diets program.  I found it to be consciousness raising and supportive of my seemingly unending pursuit of knowledge and actions that promote health and well-being!  While I did lose 20 pounds during my participation with Theresa, it did not come from engaging in a strict regimen of keeping a specific diet, keeping food diary, and exercising.  Increasing my awareness of food alone helped to produce this result and I am happy about that.  I did the program with my husband, which was supportive and empowering.  And, I found others in the group to be a contribution to the process."  —Michelle P

"My recollection of the time we spent in the group you organized at your house in relation with losing weight is that you offered us your take on a lot of research papers, on many elements related to weight loss that you analyzed and that was helpful as it enabled me to have realizations on various topics you mentioned and more importantly, it enabled me to alter my own opinion and create my own plan for weight loss. Your input also gave me space for compassion for my own humanity and keep moving ahead.  Thank you for that."  —Andre K

"When I joined Theresa Matthews group, I had previously made a few resolutions (noalcohol for 90-days) and as a result had lost about 15 pounds before I walked in the door. My intent when I joined was to learn to maintain that loss without pain and possibly lose more as I allowed alcohol back into my life. The first lesson of the group was to rethink/reassess wheat products, which as a pescatarian was not an appealing option. After the suggestion and learning of the effects on the body, I did find myself not eating as much bread (only freshly baked) but still allowing pasta, potatoes, rice and quinoa in my daily diet. We also discussed processed or frozen foods which had been a daily ritual due to the ease of making a meal. So, these have been totally deleted from my diet with relative ease. And as I am removing foods, I have found myself making much healthier choices, such as fruit, nuts and popcorn. When dining out, I do find myself slipping often and making selections I know are not the best, but it is nice to know what my choices are doing to my body and I do think twice. But I am rather stubborn and although I embrace change, I am finding food is more addictive than I originally thought.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the meetings, the interactions and the learning, although I have not experienced a lot of weight loss, I feel in time it will come as my choices continue to improve."  —Susan P

Susan P.

"18 months later from SP:  I took Theresa’s class back in January 2017 and at the time, my plan was to just maintain a previous weight loss from omitting alcohol from my diet. Now, I have come to realize, I have dropped another 8 pounds with no pain and no work by simply applying a few of the principles I learned in class. And the weight loss was painless, no special diets, I ate what I wanted and felt satisfied!  Lots of diets make this promise but this is the first one that has delivered, and I did not even realize it was happening until I was reviewing some of the information from the classes. I must admit, I was skeptical in the beginning but now a true believer and follower."

"What sets this program apart is

1) Theresa and

2) Its NOT a diet!

It is a lifestyle change - a subtle, doable, lifestyle change.

When I reached out to Theresa, I had hit that point in my life where my weight gain was beginning to affect my personality. I avoided shopping. I avoided the mirror. I was less affable at parties.... in short, I was accepting defeat. in just one visit with Theresa, my world changed. My personality changed. I believed in ME again because she made me realize that change is not insurmountable, it's ACHIEVEABLE!! Her program reminds you that 90% of what you are doing is right and that by making small changes, you will see VISIBLE results... and guess what? She was RIGHT!!! Theresa has a way of talking to you that allows you to step back in and take control of your life. She has a way of giving you the confidence you need to be in charge. Theresa gave me back the light in my life and if you allow it, she can do the same for you."  —Barb C

Three Dimensional Health specializes in programs for women who are undergoing significant transitions, including women who are postpartum, postmenopausal, or who are looking to make a major life change.

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