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It provided me with the keys to achieving permanent weight loss, greater energy and enhanced health."

Ditch the Diet!
Weight Loss Workshops in St. Petersburg, FL

Teaching at Seminar

It's time to hold dominion over your weight and health! Experience your best life by being comfortable and happy in how you effortlessly care for your body. At Three Dimensional Health, I offer the "Ditch the Diet!" workshop in St. Petersburg, FL, that provides life-altering information to help people leave behind their struggles with weight and health once and for all. With more than two-thirds of the country being overweight or obese, there's never been a more critical time for us as a country to reevaluate our approach to health and wellness. That's where my unique perspective and program comes in!


Other Locations

If you live elsewhere and would like to attend a seminar in your own city, and if you can help recruit a minimum of 8 participants, a seminar can be arranged in your city at an agreed-upon time. I’m more than happy to come to you with this life-altering program! Please contact me at info@threedimensionalhealth.com to discuss how we might make this happen.

Health Management in St. Petersburg, FL

ONE Day of Incredible Insight—not a typical nutritional, menu-driven approach!

Over the course of my one-day weight loss workshop, I delve into a large variety of topics related to physical, mental, and emotional health. My goal is to educate participants and redefine what they believe to be true about weight loss and well-being. The program is designed to challenge and reconfigure beliefs with data that is proven and supported. Be prepared to radically adjust what you think you know, positively change your perspective, and depart with a plan customized just for you! Throughout the one-day seminar, I cover a variety of overarching principles regarding weight loss and sustainability, including:

  • The limits of willpower
  • How we are genetically designed
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Energy metabolism
  • Exercise vs. activity
  • Why sleep affects weight 
  • Why stress matters
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Happiness
  • How to change habits
  • Nature's advice on how to eat
  • New insights about longevity & wellness
  • And more!

Benefits of MY weight loss Program

What works for one person may not necessarily work for you. I understand that everyone is unique and requires a different path to healthy weight maintenance, which is precisely why I customize my program to each person's likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and life circumstances. This approach is sustainable as it builds on each person's preferences, thereby avoiding the necessity of constantly trying to rely on willpower. Additionally, the program will increase your overall physiological IQ and allow you to take agency over your own health. In this weight loss program, you will learn:

  • What Your Body and a 747 Have in Common
  • When Wheat is Not Wheat
  • Why Willpower is NOT a Sustainable Resource
  • Why Sleep Affects Weight 
  • When a Bit of Hypertension is a Good Thing
  • And So Much More!

Weight Loss Workshops in St. Petersburg, FL

Take the Stress Out of Weight Loss

The diets, fads, and trends that you hear about every day make weight loss seem like a confusing and overwhelming maze requiring supplements, unappetizing food restrictions, routines, and mathematics. It's not supposed to be hard! At Three Dimensional Health, my approach for weight loss guidance involves:

  • No Calorie Counting
  • No Fasting
  • No Hunger
  • No Supplements to Buy
  • No Groups You Need to Join
  • No Complicated Meal Plans
  • No Specific Gym or Exercise Mandates
  • No Requirement to Eat Foods You Don't Like
  • No Reliance on Willpower
  • No Need to Prepare All Your Own Food

learning to Listen to Your Body

Our bodies are much like cars -- they require routine maintenance and care to stay in good shape. However, most people don't know how to evaluate their body as a mechanic would care for and diagnose a car. The "Ditch the Diet!" weight loss workshop gives you the knowledge and skills to detect your body's warning signs – small aches, fatigue, irritability, etc. With just a bit of background in physiology and a commitment to listening to your body, you can take charge of your own health and ward off serious problems before they arise.

Monday October 21, 2019
1-Day Weekend Seminar

First Unity Spiritual Campus,
460 46th Ave North,
St Petersburg, FL


Max Participants: 20


9AM – 5PM
Introductory price: 

*fully refundable if canceled 7 days in advance

Contact Me Directly to Discuss Your Participation

More 2019 Seminars to Be Announced Soon!

Three Dimensional Health specializes in programs for women who are undergoing significant transitions, including women who are postpartum, postmenopausal, or who are looking to make a major life change.